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What are Proxy Settings.

Proxy Setting and Internet Protocol 

With so many activities being carried out on the internet in recent decades, everyone should know how it works right? No, a lot of people are in the dark about how the internet actually works and connect them together. So, you could mention a term like Proxy server and get blank stares from people who don’t understand anything about it.

To understand what proxy setting is all about, you need to know what happens every time you browse online on any platform. Whether you are on a website where you trade, or a chatting platform, the internet works in the same way. It connects you with the other person using your IP. IP simply refers to Internet Protocol. It is your computer’s address online. Your computer IP is unique and different from the online address of other computers.

Your IP address is sent to the site or person you are interacting with online. The other party’s online address is shared with you also as this is what you can connect with them through. This address is shared with the other party so that they can interact and send a message directly to you. Without them having your address, it will be impossible for the other party to interact with you. In fact, without an internet protocol address, access to the internet would be beyond you. Now that you know what Internet Protocol means.

What do proxies have to do with online addresses?

Imagine being at work on a hot afternoon and wanting to check an important message on a social media platform through your company’s computer but failing to do so because access to all social media platform has been restricted by your employer. Surely, there must be a way to surmount this problem. Yes, you are absolutely correct. This is where Proxy comes in.

There are a lot of situations where needing a proxy might be absolutely necessary. Whatever the situation, you have to know how it works before you use it so that you can know when to use it and when not to use it online.

Proxy literally means a substitute. What a proxy does in the world of the internet is it allows you to surf the internet with a different identity. It changes your natural IP address and provides you with a different and unique one. Proxies are very easy to come by. All you need to do is to search for a proxy online. There are a lot of websites that provide free Proxy services.

A proxy is like an online computer that masks your address. Your internet service provider is in charge of handling your internet request. After connecting you with the other party, they pass your IP address across to them. With a proxy, your address gets rerouted to the IP address you choose to have. This happens as the request data is being transmitted from your internet service provider to the object of your request.

There are different kinds of proxies depending on what you want to use it for. These include:

Transparent Proxy

Anonymous Proxy

Distorting Proxy

High Anonymity Proxy


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