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Sophos Antivirus Review

Despite a large amount of antivirus software, it is difficult for users to make a choice that will meet their requirements for antivirus diagnostics of computer systems. Here is more about Sophos Antivirus functions.

The purpose of using antivirus

An antivirus is software designed to detect computer viruses, as well as programs considered malicious, to recover files infected with such programs, as well as to prevent – prevent infection of files or the operating system with malicious code.

An antivirus program can remove a virus if it is directly on your computer, but if the same virus is introduced into your computer from the Internet, for example, by loading a web page, the antivirus program will not be able to do anything with it – until then until it is active on the PC. Therefore, full protection of your computer from viruses is impossible without a firewall – a special protection program that will detect the presence of suspicious activity when a virus tries to connect to your computer.

Modern antivirus systems have the following remote management and control functions:

  • centralized remote installation and configuration of antiviruses;
  • updating antivirus and antivirus databases;
  • automatic detection of new workstations and servers, with the subsequent installation of antivirus;
  • scheduling tasks for updating antivirus databases, scanning files, etc .;
  • real-time display of the process of work of antiviruses on workstations and servers.

Based on the foregoing, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the structure and composition of the information system to select an antivirus system that can most effectively cope with the task at hand. Perhaps, for protection, you will need an antivirus system of not one, but several manufacturers at once.

Sophos antivirus – a good alternative in the marketplace

Sophos Group is a popular European antivirus product developer focused mainly on corporate solutions. The protection technologies in the free antivirus are the same as in commercial products, including access to the settings of all installed antiviruses through a personal account (Home Dashboard). Antivirus protects against all types of viruses, has a configurable web protection component, as well as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) detection module. Besides, Sophos Big Sur offers its solutions also fir macOS.

To use the antivirus, you need to register a free account on the manufacturer’s website (enter your account, add a device on which the antivirus will be installed, after which you can download the distribution kit. This whole procedure is simple – anyone can handle it.

Key benefits of Sophos antivirus are real-time system protection, network security policy management, malicious web content, and email attachment filtering, system optimization, V3 self-defense system, and TrueFind technology to detect hidden threats – rootkits.

The functionality of Sophos antivirus

The product performs the following functions:

  • hybrid antivirus real-time protection, which combines the capabilities of traditional signature technologies,  modern technologies (proactive heuristic methods),  cloud technologies;
  • protection against exploits to prevent the use of vulnerabilities on the computer;
  • the rollback function, which eliminates the effects of malware;
  • funds from Internet fraud (including phishing and keyloggers) to increase the degree of protection of personal data and other valuable information;
  • data protection when performing financial transactions on the Internet: use of online banking systems, use of payment systems (in particular, PayPal);
  • protection against network attacks by hackers;
  • change control (notifies about the prepared changes of browser parameters, including those caused by the installation of advertising programs, toolbars);
  • protection against data collection (prohibits sites from tracking scenarios of Internet use and collecting personal data);
  • control of Internet traffic (helps to optimize costs when connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G).

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