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Extra Large Dog Sweater

Top 5 Things You Need in an Extra Large Dog Sweater

While there is a belief that only small dog breeds feel cold in winter, it’s not true. In fact, some very big dogs may feel cold even more due to the short fur. It also depends a great deal on the region you live in and how well the dog is adjusted to it. Some breeds feel even more comfortable living in the cold, while others can’t spend the day without falling ill.

Aside from that, extra large dog sweater is often used for decorative purposes or style more than for keeping the animal warm. So, before you verify your purchase, you need to double-check a few essential factors. They are the keys to the perfect purchase. Let’s discuss them as well as the most popular options you can buy online.

Factors that will influence your choice

There are 5 main things you should take into account:

  • Heat retention,
  • Style,
  • Stain-resistance,
  • Occasion,

When buying sweaters for small breeds, these factors can easily lead you to the selection of well-made items. In case you own an extra-large dog, things can get more complex. First of all, not so many companies manufacture XL sizes. This is probably one of the biggest issues you can face. While the styles are limited, there are many high-quality options to pick from.

Aside from that, bigger dogs tend to be messier when they play around. That’s why getting a pretty little sweater isn’t going to be your best solution. Going out to a fancy place or friend’s house may be the only way to put it on. Otherwise, you need stain-resistant flexible coats.

Start by deciding which occasion you need the sweater for. This will help you move on with the variety and narrow down the list of options. If it is heat retention, focus on the warmth. If it’s for the active lifestyle, get some element-resistant materials.

Speaking of materials, you should think about the occasions, too. All-natural materials like wool, cotton, etc. are better for traveling and going out. When going to the park or training, stain-resistant and breathable materials are much better. No matter which option you pick, you’ll have to clean it one day. So, double-check it’s machine washable and dryable. This factor will save you time, money, and effort.

Finally, think about style, too. While there is no obligation to buy high-end brands, you should still look for something nice. You may get the color that matches your dog’s appearance the favorite color, etc. Most models for the big dogs are monotonous but the selection of colors might be found.

The most suitable options for extra-large dogs

If you are traveling with your furry friend and you need something nice and comfy, the American Flag Dog Sweater may just be the perfect solution. It’s not only made of wool but offers the XL size. This is the biggest size of this model and can fit a dog of up to 80 pounds.

There is a cheaper option, too. Get Fashion Pet Classic Cable Dog Sweater and pick from 7 sizes. This model comes in red and blue colors which are both great options. It also costs less than the above-described one. The sweater is acrylic but of decent quality.

Pick sweaters based on the factors described above and you are sure to have good pieces of clothing.


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